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About Us

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Our facilities

Rooms and Areas for All Activities

Our facilities help make the Little Birdies Nursery School experience really special. All our classrooms and outdoor spaces are bright fresh and modern and designed exclusively for preschoolers. Mauris viverra semper nunc vel vehicula placerat faucibus. Donec nunc eros, mollis ac sem quis, efficitur posuere lectus.


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How to Enroll Your Child in a MURNI CHILDCARE?

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Qualified Teachers

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Professional Teachers 90%
Artists 85%
Psychologists 97%
Cikgu Ain
Cikgu Ain
Cikgu Ain
Art and Music Teacher
Cikgu Efa
Cikgu Efa
Cikgu Efa
Preschool Teacher
Cikgu Ida
Cikgu Ida
Cikgu Ida
Active Learning Teacher
Cikgu Yani
Cikgu Yani
Cikgu Yani
Literacy Teacher

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